Logitech Appoints Hanneke Faber as CEO

Logitech, a manufacturer of computer hardware and software, has named Hanneke Faber as its new CEO, effective December 1, 2023. Faber, who presently manages Unilever’s nutrition business, has a wide range of experience in a variety of businesses.

Faber was the chief commercial officer at Ahold Delhaize before joining Unilever. She will succeed Guy Gecht, who has been acting as CEO since Bracken Darrell departed in June. After Faber’s appointment, Gecht will resume his board responsibilities.

Hanneke Faber’s appointment as CEO of Logitech highlights the company’s strong financial condition and potential. It has a strong return on investment, more cash than debt, and a track record of continuous dividend payments. The stock has fared well in recent months, and analysts anticipate that profitability will continue.


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