Facebook parent Meta wins an appeal to use its name in Brazil

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, won an appeal on Friday that overturned a court ruling preventing it from using its name in Brazil.

In late February, Mark Zuckerberg’s technology company received an order to cease using its name in Brazil within 30 days. This decision came after a Brazilian computer services provider won a favourable ruling, claiming ownership of the name. As a result of the U.S. branding, the Brazilian company had been mistakenly cited in over 100 lawsuits.

The Brazilian Meta stated that it possessed the rights to the name in Brazil. Additionally, it emphasised the importance of adhering to the law, regardless of the business decisions made by entities seeking to operate within the country.

Appeals can still be filed by the company.

In 2021, U.S. Meta changed its name from Facebook to focus on building the “metaverse,” an online shared space.


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