Atul Garg gets another term as the Managing Director of GRM Overseas

GRM Overseas announced the reappointment of Managing Director Atul Garg with effect from 29th September 2023. Also, Mamta Garg is reappointed as an Executive Director and Raj Kumar Garg as Independent Director.

Atul Garg is the man behind GRM’s commitment to producing high-quality products and creating an unparalleled brand experience. Garg began his career at GRM by immersing himself in the intricacies of milling and quality control to ensure that every grain met the highest standards. He holds a degree in International Marketing from the University of West London.

Raj Kumar Garg has approximately 30 years of rich and versatile experience. He held numerous senior positions as a surgeon in various reputed private and government hospitals. He has obtained both MBBS and MD degrees.


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