Risk Takers, Rule Makers: Insights from Women Leaders

Pioneering Women Leaders, Reshaping the Corporate Landscape.

FTI Consulting recently hosted the “Risk Takers, Rule Makers: Insights from Women Leaders” event. A gathering that put the spotlight on the influential roles of women in the realms of corporate law, governance, and leadership. The event was graced by eminent speakers who are trailblazers in their respective fields, each bringing unique perspectives to the table.

The discussion panel included Gathi Prakash Karrah, Partner at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas; Aparna Chablani, Regional Head Legal and Group Company Secretary at DP World; Anahita Kumar, General Counsel at Kellogg India; Tanu Banerjee, Partner at Khaitan & Co.; Meenal Maheshwari Shah, Group Legal Director at Lemmatree; Savithri Parekh, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer at Reliance Industries Ltd.; Neha Sinha, Partner at Sagus Legal; Priyam Singhvi, General Counsel and Compliance Officer at Schindler Holding AG; Attreyi Mukherjee, General Counsel at Tata Industries Limited; Pinky Yadav, Director and Head of Human Resources at Beiersdorf; and Sutapa Banerjee, an Independent Board Director of many leading organizations.

Moderated by FTI Consulting’s senior Directors Sushmita Das, Ishani Vora, and Parita Kotak, the session delved into the challenges and opportunities faced by women in leadership. The speakers shared their journeys, emphasising the need to step out of comfort zones, master their fields, and stay true to their authentic selves in networking and professional relationships.

A recurring theme was the importance of perspective when facing challenges. Instead of viewing obstacles as full stops, the speakers advocated seeing them as commas—a pause to reflect and move forward with greater determination. This approach resonates strongly in today’s dynamic corporate environment, where resilience and adaptability are key.

The event didn’t just celebrate the achievements of these women leaders but also set a tone for future discourse on how women can continue to break barriers and contribute significantly to board stewardship and corporate governance.

“Risk Takers, Rule Makers: Insights from Women Leaders” was a testament to the power of women in leadership roles and FTI Consulting’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and dynamic business environment.


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