NRB Bearings Appoints Jayavardhan Diwan & Bapsy Dastur as Independent Directors

The Board of Directors of NRB Bearings Limited has approved the appointment of Jayavardhan Dhar Diwan and Bapsy Dastur as Additional Directors in the category of Non-Executive and Independent Directors for five years by passing a special resolution at the next general meeting or within a time period of three months from the date of appointment, whichever is earlier.

Jayavardhan Dhar Diwan graduated with a degree in BE (metallurgy) from the University of Roorkee. He commenced his professional journey at Indian Aluminium following his engineering education. Transitioning to finance in 1993 after completing his MBA from the S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Diwan assumed the role of Senior Research Analyst, focusing on India for W.I. Carr in Bombay and New York. Presently, he serves as Director at Odyssey India Advisory Private Limited, specialising in M&A transactions and structured deals. With over 30 years of experience in financial services, Diwan has held positions in investment banking and asset management across esteemed global investment banks in India and the US.

Bapsy Dastur, a qualified solicitor, holds bachelor’s degrees in commerce, economics, and law. Additionally, she has completed the Management Development Course at GE Crotonville, USA, and the Executive Leadership Programme at IMD, Lausanne. Currently, she serves as the General Counsel and Head of Corporate Risk, Compliance, and Legal at VFS Global, the largest global visa processing company. Dastur holds Directorships of group companies, serves as a Director of the Chiltern Court Association, and is a member of the Trace International Board, a non-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing anti-bribery compliance standards for over 300 companies worldwide.


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