DGCA Issues Advisory To Airlines And Airports For Gender Equality

In order to promote gender equality, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has urged airlines and airports to implement measures. The report offers suggestions on how companies should support women to return to the workforce after taking career breaks, how to train cabin crew so that their skills can be diversified, and how to mentor women who are in leadership positions.

By 2025, the DGCA hopes to have 25% of positions in the aviation sector filled by women, aligned with IATA’s 25 by 2025 global best practices goal. Aviation entities can take various steps, such as setting diversity goals to guide hiring practices and ensuring equal representation in recruitment, according to the DGCA circular.

Organisations are urged to adhere to government regulations on maternity leave and creche facilities and develop strategies to rehire women after career breaks for parenting. Additionally, the regulator emphasises the need for a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment and advocates for training programmes to eliminate biases and stereotypes against women.

The DGCA encourages airlines to offer training programmes that allow cabin crew to gain knowledge in technical and operational areas, facilitating horizontal movement across departments. It also promotes leadership and mentorship programmes to develop a pool of women leaders, fostering a culture of inclusivity and substantial representation of women in higher decision-making roles.


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