Demand for ESG Data Growing, but Data Management Issues Persist

The latest survey by Bloomberg has discovered a rising interest in information related to how companies are performing in terms of taking care of the environment, being socially responsible, and maintaining good governance, which is collectively known as ESG data. However, despite this increasing demand, there are ongoing challenges in effectively managing and organising this data.

The survey’s findings highlight that more individuals and organisations are seeking data that shows how well companies are addressing important issues like environmental impact, social contributions, and strong corporate leadership. This demonstrates a growing awareness and concern about the broader impacts of business beyond just financial performance.

Nevertheless, the survey also sheds light on the persistent obstacles in handling this data. Companies and data management teams face difficulties in collecting accurate and reliable ESG information, ensuring its consistency and comparability, and integrating it with traditional financial data.

The Bloomberg survey underscores the importance of developing robust systems for gathering, verifying, and presenting ESG data. As the demand for such information continues to escalate, finding effective solutions for these data management challenges will be crucial. Ultimately, this survey signals the increasing significance of ESG considerations in assessing a company’s overall health and its contributions to a sustainable future.




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