India leads the Asia Pacific in Adoption of generative AI technologies: Deloitte survey

Deloitte’s report, “Generative AI in Asia Pacific: Young Employees Lead as Employers Play Catch-Up,” highlights India’s exceptional engagement with Generative AI (GenAI). The report reveals that 93% of students and 83% of employees in India actively use GenAI, positioning India as a leader among 13 countries surveyed. This adoption is driven by young, tech-savvy employees, termed “Generation AI,” who are significantly enhancing productivity, saving time, and fostering skill development.

The report forecasts a 182% increase in daily GenAI usage over the next five years, with 75% of Indians believing in GenAI’s potential to boost the Asia Pacific’s global economic role. Despite this, only 50% of users think their managers are aware of their GenAI use. Key findings include GenAI’s potential to impact 17% of working hours in Asia Pacific and developing countries showing a 30% adoption rate, surpassing developed economies.


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