Board Stewardship Welcomes WhistleSentinel as a Knowledge Partner

Advisory Board Chairman Shailesh Haribhakti, along with the readers, audiences, and the Board Stewardship team, warmly welcomes Digital Business Technology Pvt. Ltd. (DB Tech) as our knowledge partner.

In our pursuit of providing the best content from subject-matter experts, Board Stewardship welcomes the collaboration of knowledge partners. We are grateful to Digital Business Technology Pvt. Ltd. (DB Tech) for graciously accepting our invitation to join us as a knowledge partner.

While the Whistle Blower policy is being implemented, there are glitches and issues with its smooth execution, and our readers want to know in depth about these, hence the need to invite DB Tech to share knowledge with us on the subject matter.

Digital Business Technology Pvt. Ltd. (DB Tech), with their offering of WhistleSentinel, has pioneered a ground-breaking whistleblowing solution designed to elevate corporate governance and promote ethical practices within organisations. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, DB Tech has developed WhistleSentinel as a state-of-the-art SaaS platform that ensures secure, confidential, and efficient reporting of unethical behaviour and misconduct.

In today’s complex corporate environment, the need for robust whistleblowing mechanisms has never been greater. WhistleSentinel addresses this need with a seamless and user-friendly interface, enabling employees, stakeholders, and third parties to report any suspicious activities without fear of retaliation. The platform’s advanced security features guarantee the confidentiality and anonymity of whistleblowers, creating a safe environment for individuals to voice their concerns.

WhistleSentinel offers a range of key features that set it apart, including:

  • Secure Reporting Channels: Offering multiple secure channels for reporting, including web-based forms, mobile applications, and dedicated hotlines.
  • Anonymity and Confidentiality: Utilising advanced encryption and data protection measures to ensure the anonymity and confidentiality of whistleblowers.
  • Case Management: Equipped with comprehensive case management tools that enable organisations to track, investigate, and resolve reported issues efficiently.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Featuring powerful analytics and reporting tools that provide insights into trends, patterns, and potential areas of concern within the organisation.
  • Compliance and Integration: seamlessly integrating with existing compliance frameworks and IT systems, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements and corporate policies.

More than just a whistleblowing platform, WhistleSentinel is a holistic solution that supports organisations in building a culture of integrity and ethical behaviour. By providing a secure and transparent channel for reporting misconduct, WhistleSentinel helps organisations mitigate risks, prevent fraud, and maintain their reputations.

Digital Business Technology Pvt. Ltd. (DB Tech) is renowned for its dedication to ethical practices as the cornerstone of sustainable business success. The company’s team of Solution Architects, Software Developers, and Compliance Experts has meticulously crafted WhistleSentinel to meet the highest standards of security, usability, and effectiveness. Organisations committed to upholding the principles of good governance and ethical conduct will find WhistleSentinel to be an invaluable asset.

Explore WhistleSentinel and discover how it can transform your organisation’s approach to corporate governance and compliance. For more information, please visit:

We are confident that Board Stewardship readers will stay informed about the latest products available in the market to seamlessly implement whistleblower policies in their organisations.


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