WILL Women on Boards: Series & Certification

WILL Forum India CEO Poonam Barua has announced the next event in the ‘WILL Women on Boards: Series & Certification’. The session is set for September 16, 2023. A four-hour online session is scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This is the final edition of the series for the year.

The “WILL Women on Boards: Series & Certification” programme educates women executives and professionals with a proven track record of success to serve on company boards as women independent directors. Over 500 Certified women have graduated from this programme so far for “Women. Boards. & ESG.”

Poonam Barua, CEO of WILL Forum, will host the online programme live, along with other notable speakers. The seminars allow enough time for open conversation in order to answer questions and clarify doubts for each participant. Upon completion, participants receive a Certificate.

For 15 years, the WILL Forum has led the crucial agenda on Women on Boards, educating female leaders for corporate boards and providing critical insights into how boards of directors work. The forum assists potential candidates in gaining an understanding of the Independent Directors’ roles and responsibilities, as well as their obligations and Board agendas. The programme also guides participants through their board journey, from training for the IICA Proficiency Directors test to being nominated for Board posts.

Becoming a board member is not a simple career progression. It involves a different set of responsibilities and challenges. Management gurus and governance experts emphasise the inclusion of women on the boards. A diversified board ensures better decision making and such boards balance the interests of varied stakeholders while maximising shareholder value. This emphasis on inducting women directors is likely to open up a large number of opportunities. The WILL forum is enabling qualified and experienced women leaders to prepare for the same.

Participants will gain a better grasp of what it takes to become a director after attending the programme. with a particular focus on the function of a female director and the value she could bring. The speakers and trainers also offer advice on networking, positioning, and personal branding, all of which are crucial for landing the hot seat. Along with instructing on improving the CV and getting ready for the IICA Directors’ test.


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