US files Lawsuit Against Apple, Alleging That The Tech Giant Is Abusing Its Monopoly

The US Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Apple on Thursday, claiming that the tech giant prevented mobile game businesses and software developers from providing better options for the iPhone, driving up consumer costs.

The government has filed an antitrust lawsuit in a federal court in New Jersey, claiming that Apple restricted the functioning of hardware items that rival Apple’s own devices and leveraged its control over the iPhone to prohibit rivals from providing cutting-edge services like digital wallets.
Lawsuit marks the latest in a series of antitrust actions targeting major tech firms, including Amazon, Google, and Meta Platforms. Apple’s legal woes have been exacerbated by international pressure to loosen its grip on the iPhone software ecosystem, with European regulations imposing stringent competition guidelines.

The Department of Justice’s case follows previous legal battles, notably the 2020 lawsuit filed by Epic Games, alleging Apple’s monopolistic ties between its apps and payment system. Although Apple largely prevailed in that case, the court mandated changes to allow developers to inform users about alternative payment options.

Amidst escalating legal challenges, Apple faces concerns over potential disruptions to its management and subscription services growth. Apple is a dominant force in the global market, heavily reliant on revenue from its App Store and associated services.


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