Manufacturing Sector warms up to Women employees; TeamLease Reports a 6x Rise in demand

TeamLease, a key player in human resources and recruitment in India, has seen a significant rise in the demand for women apprentices, especially in the automotive and electronics sectors. This shift is not just about numbers; it represents a positive move towards achieving gender diversity in industries traditionally dominated by men. Currently, these sectors are experiencing a notable change, with the demand for women apprentices increasing five to six times compared to the numbers before July last year.

The statistics speak volumes. The demand has surged from a modest 1,000–2,000 women apprentices per month to an impressive 10,000–12,000. This isn’t just a numerical change; it reflects a shift in the mindset of the manufacturing sector towards inclusivity and gender equality. Sumit Kumar, TeamLease’s Chief Strategy Officer, attributes this growth to companies reaching optimal apprentice intake levels, indicating a strong industry push towards embracing diversity at the operational level.


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