BREAKING NEWS: Important And Urgent Notice From MCA-IICA ID Data Bank

Dr. Niraj Gupta, Nodal officer, ID Databank, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs ( IICA), Ministry of Corporate Affairs, has sent the following message today to vast numbers of IDDB Members, alerting them about such activities being undertaken by some organisations misusing the names of Govt organisations thru aggressive marketing campaigns to invite candidates to join their board training program. We recommend all board aspirants to be careful to take a more informed decision as per the below mail from Dr Niraj Gupta.


The letter from Dr Niraj Gupta is re-produced here below. 

“I am reaching out to you with realisation of a professional and moral responsibility as Nodal Officer of Independent Directors Databank and apprising you with some unexpected events/developments in the space of corporate governance. It is also important to mention that ID databank is the one and only databank that has been instituted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. 

It is being observed that there are some home-grown private sector institutions that have recently started working in the space of corporate governance, board governance and board training. In view of the huge requirements for the training of directors in India, it is always desirable to have newer institutions infusing dynamism and value to the space. However it is unfortunate to observe and understand that some of these institutions are practising unfair means and are using deceptive communication/marketing strategies while claiming that they are working under the aegis of Ministry of Corporate Affairs or Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs or Independent Directors Databank of MCA, SEBI etc Going a step further they are also posting misleading communications assuring passing of the online test or assuring a board position with huge sitting fee/commission etc. These kinds of communications are creating traction towards them which in turn helps them to sell their courses at a very high price to the professionals who are either unaware or less informed about such malpractices.

I would like to mention again that IICA or IDDB or MCA has not authorised any institution, in whatsoever manner for preparation of the online proficiency self assessment test, board or director certification or creating a sub repository/database of directors.

I thought of sharing the information with all my esteemed professional colleagues so that you could take a better and informed decision

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