Gap Inc., Cargill, and GSK Join Forces for Water Resilience Program in India

The Water Resilience Coalition (WRC), an industry-driven initiative led by CEOs to tackle the global water crisis, has introduced the Women + Water Collaborative. This programme is a joint effort by Gap Inc., Cargill, GSK, WaterAid, and the WRC. It aims to enhance the well-being, livelihoods, and resilience of water-scarce communities in India, beginning in the Krishna and Godavari basins.

The programme will enhance water quality and availability in key areas, and it will empower women to play a more significant role in water resource decisions in rural India. The goal is to make water resources more secure for billions of people by 2030.

The participating partners include Gap Inc., Cargill, GSK, WaterAid, and the Water Resilience Coalition. WaterAid will carry out the programme in five Indian states and six priority districts.
The Water Resilience Coalition focuses on addressing global water stress and conserving freshwater resources, with support from 35 global companies in various sectors.


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