Empower: ISB-EY Executive Programme for Board Leadership Excellence

I recently had the privilege of participating in an exclusive executive program curated by ISB and EY, dedicated to fostering the growth of high-potential women leaders. This intricately structured initiative aims to equip participants with the essential tools and valuable insights. This training prepares participants not only for effective leadership within the boardroom but also for the intricacies woven within the multifaceted domain of Board functions and committees.

At the core of this pioneering collaboration lies the formidable partnership between EY, a globally renowned professional services powerhouse, and the esteemed Indian School of Business (ISB). Their combined efforts have resulted in the meticulous construction of this programme, with a deliberate focus on empowering aspiring Women Directors with the essential expertise and skills required to navigate the intricate landscape of the boardroom. By seamlessly integrating industry insights with thoroughly researched academic knowledge, the programme facilitates a comprehensive and multidimensional learning experience of contemporary corporate governance.

Gathered within this enriching forum were women executives from the diverse spheres of public, private, government, and non-profit organisations, united by their shared vision for professional advancement and leadership excellence. Alongside them, trailblazing women professionals from the institutional investment community converged with the shared aspiration of securing prominent directorship roles, infusing the space with their unique insights and ambitions. Additionally, the assembly was graced by the presence of women representing family businesses, serving as the driving forces and controlling shareholders of their respective family enterprises, adding a distinct familial essence to the collective tapestry of experiences and aspirations.

The well-designed selection process centred upon a comprehensive evaluation of each applicant’s professional trajectory and particular achievements throughout their journey. Prospective participants underwent a thorough and holistic assessment, taking into account a myriad of crucial factors, each instrumental in determining their suitability for the programme.

The programme immersed me in a profound journey of comprehensive exploration, delving into the art of conflict resolution, adeptly managing biases, and understanding the delicate dynamics of influence and negotiation within the dynamic boardroom setting. It provided me with a deep understanding of the intricate legal aspects relevant to directors, enabling me to grasp multifaceted roles and responsibilities while adeptly managing the diverse expectations of stakeholders. The programme was tailored to enhance specific domain expertise such as financial acumen, equipping one with the proficiency to decipher the intricacies of complex financial statements.

The programme fostered the growth of a robust and dynamic network, nurturing meaningful connections within a diverse and accomplished peer group, thus fortifying my professional sphere and fostering collaborative endeavours. It encouraged me to cultivate an excellent awareness of the personal risks inherently associated with board memberships and motivated me to adopt a proactive mindset in preparing for the array of opportunities that waited. It also empowered me with the confidence and expertise to seize these prospects with strong determination and finesse. The board simulation exercise served as an essential litmus test, ensuring that those selected were not only equipped with the requisite skill set but also possessed the determination and commitment to thrive within the programme’s intensive academic landscape. The curriculum broadened participants’ horizons and prepared them to negotiate the challenges of board leadership with confidence and skill.


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