Toyota apologises for cheating on tests and halts three models

On Monday, Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda apologised for widespread cheating on certification tests for seven vehicle models, resulting in the suspension of production for three of them.

The fraudulent testing at Japan’s top automaker involved using outdated data for collision tests, incorrect airbag inflation tests, and falsified engine power tests. Toyota halted production of the Corolla Fielder, Corolla Axio, and Yaris Cross in Japan. Despite these issues, the company stated that the safety of vehicles on the road, including Corolla and Lexus models, is not affected. “We sincerely apologise,” Toyoda said, bowing deeply in a customary gesture of remorse.

The Japanese government began investigating Toyota in January. However, Toyota’s overseas production remains unaffected. On the same day, Mazda Motor Corp. reported similar irregularities and suspended production of the Roadster and Mazda 2. They admitted using incorrect engine control software and acknowledged violations in crash tests for three discontinued models, none of which impact vehicle safety.

Honda Motor Co. also apologised for improper tests on noise levels and torque for various models. Certification issues at Toyota group companies, including Hino Motors and Daihatsu Motor Co., surfaced two years ago, prompting Toyota to review its own tests.

Toyoda, the founder’s grandson, suggested some certification rules might be overly stringent but stressed he did not condone the violations. He emphasised the company’s commitment to correcting any issues and continuous improvement.


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