The New York Times manipulated ChatGPT prompts, claims OpenAI

In response to a copyright lawsuit by The New York Times, OpenAI called the suit “without merit” and expressed hope for a partnership. OpenAI responded to The New York Times’ claims in a blog post, stating that the Times manipulated prompts to make it seem like ChatGPT reproduced articles verbatim. OpenAI acknowledged unintentional content reproduction, removing the Browse feature. The company asserted its need for access to human knowledge and defended using internet data under fair use rules. Despite offering opt-outs and announcing a web crawler blocking option, OpenAI hopes for a constructive partnership with the Times, emphasising the importance of incorporating copyrighted content for building AI models. The company still aims for a collaboration similar to those with Axel Springer and The Associated Press, expressing respect for the Times’ history. The legal dispute centres on whether using the Times’ work for AI development constitutes fair use or infringement.


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