Tesla Chair Denholm’s leadership under scrutiny

Recently, a judge in Delaware criticised Denholm’s leadership, questioning her independence from Musk and her oversight of the company. This ruling also means Tesla must rework Musk’s hefty compensation package.

Denholm, with over 40 years of experience in finance and operations, is described as calm and independent-minded. She took a big risk by leading Tesla’s Board, despite warnings from friends.

She joined Tesla’s Board in 2018 after Musk stepped down as chairman due to a controversy. Despite praising Musk’s vision, Denholm keeps a low profile and rarely comments on his actions.

While some experts believe Denholm’s different approach complements Musk’s, others feel she hasn’t effectively managed him due to the close ties other Board members have with him.

Denholm faces tough decisions ahead, including Tesla’s potential move to Texas, Musk’s push for more control, and the company’s declining stock value amid concerns about sales and profits.


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