Reese’s packaging ‘tricks’ customers; woman sues Hershey’s for $5 million

A Tampa woman, Cynthia Kelly, is suing Hershey’s for $5 million, alleging deceptive packaging on Reese’s seasonal chocolates. Kelly claims the actual chocolates don’t match the packaging; for example, the pumpkin shape lacks eyes and nose cutouts, and the football shape resembles an egg. The lawsuit, filed in Florida, asserts that Hershey’s labels are materially misleading, leading consumers to be tricked. Kelly’s complaint extends beyond pumpkins to include ghosts, bats, footballs, snowmen, and bell-shaped treats.

The lawsuit originated when Kelly purchased pumpkin-shaped candies at Aldi, expecting carved faces depicted on the packaging. She argues she wouldn’t have bought them if she knew the faces weren’t included. Kelly contends that Reese’s packaging used to match the products, but it became deceptive in recent years. She references YouTube videos where creators claim Reese’s misled them.

The class action lawsuit seeks $5 million and includes all Florida consumers who bought these products.


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