Morgan Stanley highlights ESG investment trends for the next decade

Morgan Stanley’s Institute for Sustainable Investing marks a decade of reshaping global finance as sustainable equity and fixed-income funds reach an unprecedented 7.9% of total global assets under management in the first half of 2023. The Institute’s latest report, “Navigating the Next Decade: 10 Demand Signals for the Next 10 Years of Sustainable Finance,” outlines pivotal trends, including diverse investment strategies and escalating demand for resources to enable net-zero transitions. Millennials’ overwhelming interest in sustainable investing is poised to diversify the market, extending beyond public markets to private equity opportunities. However, challenges loom, especially in efficient land use and the sustainable mining of essential minerals for renewable energy. Moreover, upcoming ESG regulations are set to reshape corporate strategies globally. Despite challenges, collaboration among stakeholders is crucial to ensuring a sustainable and financially secure future in an evolving financial landscape.


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