EU Parliament Passes the first AI Regulation Act in The World

A major set of regulations governing artificial intelligence (AI) was approved on Wednesday by the European Union’s parliament.

The European Parliament endorsed a provisional political consensus that had been forged by the EU in early December. A total of 523 votes were cast in favour of the endorsement; 46 voted against it, and 49 didn’t vote.

The European Commissioner, Thierry Breton, wrote on X (earlier Twitter) that Europe has become a leading global standard-setter in AI. Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, praised the legislation as groundbreaking for fostering innovation while protecting fundamental rights. Dragos Tudorache, overseeing EU negotiations on the agreement, hailed the deal but noted the challenge of effective implementation.

Introduced in 2021, the EU AI Act categorises AI technologies based on risk levels, with regulations expected to take effect after final checks and endorsement from the European Council, likely by May. While some EU countries advocate self-regulation to avoid impeding Europe’s competitiveness, the EU aims to address concerns about tech developments’ impact and the dominance of major tech companies. Last week, the EU enacted competition legislation to rein in major tech firms and foster a more open market environment. Concerns over AI misuse, especially in elections, underscore the need for responsible development and ongoing regulation. Legal experts view the AI Act as a significant step in international AI regulation but acknowledge the challenge of keeping pace with rapid technological advancements.


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