Amazon Appoints Senior VP John Felton as AWS CFO, Paving the Way for Next-Level Cloud Capabilities

Amazon is appointing John Felton, the current Senior VP of Worldwide Operations, to the role of Senior VP and CFO of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Felton, a veteran of 12 years at Amazon, will oversee AWS, known as the company’s primary profit driver. Leading the effort to regionalize Amazon’s U.S. network, Felton improved delivery speeds and reduced the cost to serve. Udit Madan, with over 15 years at Amazon, takes charge of worldwide operations. Doug Herrington, CEO of worldwide Amazon stores, expressed excitement about the upcoming year’s improvements in customer experience.

Felton, now CFO of AWS, aims to enhance safety, speed, cost, and quality, emphasising innovations in inventory placement, ultra-fast delivery, and automation. AWS plans to launch supply chain-related hosted cloud features in 2024, including Supply Planning, N-Tier Visibility, Sustainability, and Amazon Q, a generative AI assistant. The move underscores Amazon’s commitment to advancing cloud capabilities and delivering an enhanced customer experience in the evolving landscape of e-commerce.


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